P      A     C'     S
Pacs live in the creative and hectic world of everyday life, always with their heads full of things and problems, connected with every update, drop, movement... we are always here at all times and we will be there when the others leave!

Pac Primal Collection is a creation of 33 unique Pacs developed by a human (Menossi3D) in all aspects
"PAC's_Primal" is consolidated as the initial collection where the first 33 collect will be collection advisors
What a counselor does:

-Vote for the design to decide on new creations.

-Purchase priority before official delivery

-Purchasing priority for a specific Pac.

-10% profit share of the entire fall divided among the 33 collectors of Pacs Primals.

-Decision on the development of the private club.

-Board participation in the club.

-Selection of members for club positions.

-Decision about club members.
This initial collection aims to bring together people who wanted to make a new path happen. A system for sharing ideas and experiences, the beginning will be to gather people and resources to build this together!
the collection

The PACS in its Fragmented Art version, first drop version based on your creation with:

3D model
Texturing piece by piece
background production
Insertion of A.I to generate Fragment Art
Post production
Final art
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