After the projects go to the metaverse, they went through the 3D Menossi creation grid where they were transformed into a continuation of their existence to a world without physical laws where anything can happen at any moment.
Architecture in the metaverse is a step beyond the limits that architecture has reached nowadays, it is a place to be present in many other places is to be contemplative in one more way, it is to be able to live more than we imagined!

Florianópolis International Airport is totally immersed in the continuity of its existence, so many arrivals and departures and once again this happens... contemplating its existence in one more way now helps to make it more unique than ever!

Its expression of forms and spaces is now with its gravity and its entropy altered, where it ceases to exist and where it starts to create itself again, who part is really gone or is it arriving at the same time?

Each fragment of this housing system carries a story, now presented not only in its dimension, now presented to everyone, each stage and fragment matters, each second lived there matters.

An existential duplicity expresses its destiny and its existence the things we have lived and could have lived, the fragments we remember and what will be forever lost in our memory.

A safe place, a base to start a new course, something unique and that exists at this moment for millions, its shared existence and unique intrigue for those who seek solitude in the crowd. everything is just a matter of perception and how much we are willing to allow a more than multiple understanding of something

Living the unique emotion in a unique place where things can have more than one destination, each layer dictates the end of the game, each movement is fractal to others everything is stuck in different directions destined to a destination, contemplate and live this being the spectator and the antagonist is part of your game!
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