Started DEZ 2021 - Today 

Series of VANGUARD creations, brings a unique experience of feeling inside the art, of belonging to creation and to all its form.
I try to expose in its colors and flows the feeling of contemplation and intimate and disruptive belonging.
Technically speaking, the collection was produced from a BUG of a 3D software that I myself found when I was helping to officially test the software at a stage of its development!
Owner  @laoda
Edition 1 of 1
Delaying Tomorrow  
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Absolute Atmosphere
Owner  @Charbo
Edition 1 of 1

Life is composed of a series of flows, which constantly shape and transform our choices and actions that can lead us to moments of great intensity in many ways, for in these creations our lives are also in constant transformation, and we are here to contemplate it all!
There are 33 unique arts using 3 colors with the technique of creating from a difficulty something new from a bug in a 3D software that I discovered when I was invited to be a tester.
Vanguard of flow and uniqueness.


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